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Sandwich Insertion Ultrasonic Water Meter

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NameSandwich Insertion Ultrasonic Water Meter


General Introduction:
The highly integrated LRF-2000W-K sandwich type ultrasonic water meter is designed and manufactured strictly according to GB/T778.1-2007, ISO4064-1:2005 etc., based on  ultrasound transit-time measurement technology.
ultrasonic water meter has wired type as standard configuration, wireless type need to be customized.

●  compact, all plastic,IP68 protection grade
●100:1 range ratio with high accuracy
●pipeline integrated probe, not easy to produce scaling
●ultrasonic signal is adaptive to measure water containing impurities
●single chip SOC digital time-difference processing
●multi-line display with status,  touch buttons operation
●optional built-in Lora or NB-iot function
●RS485 and MBUS dual interfaces 
●multi-communication protocols like MODBUS,MBUS,and CJ188 
●external power supply can be connected
●built-in battery of 10 years service life 
●reliable and low price ,suitable for mass applications
Choose the installation point
Correct installation point
Wrong installation point
Lowest point of the pipe line, water will be full of pipe.
Flow is vertically or obliquely upward.
Upstream straight pipe line≥5D.
Highest point of the pipe line, water would be not full of pipe.
Flow is vertically or obliquely downward.
Upstream straight pipe line≤3D.

Flow Rate:
Flow Meter Dimensiom Flange Dimension Weight(Kg)
L H1 H2 W1 W2 Outside Diameter D Diameter of Bolt Circle
Bore Diameter
Ralsed Face
Outside Diameter D2 Height f
DN50 50.8 52 91 58 58 102 125 16.5×2 102 2 0.7
DN65 50.8 60.5 97 63.5 63.5 120 145 16.5×2 120 2 0.7
DN80 50.8 70 132 68 68 135 160 16.5×2 135 2 0.9
DN100 50.8 80 140 79 79 158 180 16.5×2 158 2 1.0
DN125 50.8 95 145 94 94 188 210 16.5×2 188 2 1.2
DN150 50.78 107 157 106 106 212 240 20.5×2 212 2 1.4


Communication and Signal Output:
Front View of Wired Type Water Meter:
Front View of Wired Type Water Meter
Rear View of Wireless Type Water Meter:
Rear View of Wireless Type Water Meter
Pipe diameter(DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100):
Pipe diameter(DN50 DN65 DN80 DN100)



Measurement Range Ratio
100 : 1
Working Pressure
<1.6 MPa
Working Environment -25°C~55°C,≤100%RH
Display Range Multi-lines show 9-bit cumulative flow, 6-bit instantaneous flow, signal strength flow direction, error, communication status
Unit m³, USG, Liter, cubic foot, Acre Feet
Operating Mode Two capacitive touch keys support sliding operation.
Communication Interface Physically independent RS485 and infrared interface. LORA/ NB-IOT, WIFI, USART are optional.
Output 2 way of OCT output is optional, can simulate dipulse output of mechanical water meter.
Communication Protocol MBUS, MODBUS, ASCII, CJ188
Power Supply 3.6V 4Ah lithium battery (battery life>10 years). It will operate power save functions when there is no water and flow in pipe
Other Data saving time after power failure: 10 years
Protection IP68