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F7 Flow Watch

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NameIntegrated external clamp ultrasonic flowmeter
General Introduction:

It is an integrated type transfer time ultrasonic flow meter with the clamp on type transducers. It is compact and very easy to install, making it suitable for flow process monitoring application involving various small pipe size. It is also another good choice for the devices process equipment liquid monitoring.

● Does not require the measured liquid to be conductive.
● Installation does not necessitate pipe cutting or process shutdowns, allowing operation to continue uninterrupted. There are no moving parts and no pressure loss.
● Installation could be performed without specialized training, just by an instructional video or step by step diagram.
● The enclosure is made of PP and fiberglass, ensuring durability in acidic or alkaline environment.

longrun oem
Enclosure material PP  and  F

Mounting screw

Enclosure protection class IP54
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz, double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours in each XYZ axis
Impact resistant 100 m/s2 16 ms pulse, 1000 times each for X, Y and Z axis
Models DN10、DN15、DN20、DN25、DN32、DN40
Flow range DN10 DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32 DN40
1 - 30 LPM 2 - 60 LPM 3 - 100 LPM 5 - 150 LPM 8 - 260 LPM 12 - 400 LPM
Pipe material Metal /PVC, PP, PE or PVDF rigid plastic pipe (Common examples, if not listed, please contact the factory for confirmation)
Medium Water, Alcohol, Liquid gasoline, Chemical solvent and other fixed composition liquid other liquid (Single liquid medium without solid particles or impurities) /Common examples, if not listed, please contact the factory for confirmation
Medium temperature Standard :-10℃ - 65℃
Middle temperature transducers: -10℃ - 105℃
Accuracy < 2% FS.
Response time 0.5s – 3s
Power supply 20~28VDC/≥1A
Electric power 1W
Power and I/O connection M12-A type aviation plug (Five-cores)
Output 4-20mA
Communication RS485 Modbus
Display 1.5’ OLed display
Keyboard 2 touch buttons
Environment temperature -10℃ - 60℃ (No freezing)