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Split external clamping ultrasonic flowmeter

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Name:Split external clamping ultrasonic flowmeter
General Introduction:
LRF-3000S is high-end clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter . It adopts our self-developed TGA measurement technology. Compared with the commonly used TDC calculation method used by most of our domestic manufacturers ,TGA measurement technology is an algorithm for measuring process time with higher speed and accuracy. 
Special for small pipe diameter -- split ultrasonic flowmeter, suitable for pipe diameter: DN15-DN40, fixture optional......
Compared with other conventional flow meters, LRF-3000S has other unique features besides the common features such as high flexibility of field installation, high response speed and better measurement ability under low flow rate:
1.  Adopts high performance FPGA chip with independent 400,000 gate array. Measurement rate can be more than 300 times per second, which greatly improves the tolerance rate of bubbles in the measured pipe compared with other brands. It can withstand continuous bubbles for up to 5 seconds.
2.  Increased signal strength has greater penetration ability to all kinds of scale, rust and pipe lining.
3.  4 lines dot matrix LCD screen. Chinese/English menu selectable. Easy to be operated.
4.  Transducers adopt our special manufacturing process and matching technology. Zero-point range can be controlled within 0.03m/s. Time difference between each pair of static sensors is less than 2 nanoseconds, which effectively ensures the authenticity of the measured time difference.

Split external clamping ultrasonic flowmeter ultrasonic flowmeteranzhuang shiyituke xuan chuan gan qioem
Performance specification
Flow range 0 ~ ±12m /s (0~ 40ft /s)
Accuracy 1.0% of measured value
Repeatability 0.2%
Pipe Size DN15~DN40mm
Function Specification
Outputs Analog output: 4~20mA, max load 750Ω.
Pulse output: 0~10KHz
Power Supply 10 ~ 36VDC or 10~240V
Keypad 16 keys(4X4) touch keys
Display 240*128, 4-line LCD display
Temperature Transmitter: -14℉~140℉(-20℃~60℃)
Transducer:Within 158℉(Within 70 ℃,TT02S )
Physical specification
Transmitter PC+ABS, IP65
Transducer Encapsulated design,IP68
Double-shielded transducer cable
Standard/maximum cable length:30ft/1000ft(9m/300m)
packaging 20*22*23.5cm, 3.0kg