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Insertion-type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

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Name:Insertion-type Ultrasonic Flow Meter
General Introduction:
LRF-3000SC  is a fixed type ultrasonic flowmeter . It uses the latest digital technology and low-voltage broadband pulse transmission. The instrument is tolerant of liquids with small amounts of air bubbles or suspended solids found in most industrial environments. With distinctive features such as high accuracy, high reliability, the MPU in the instrument provides unique digital signal processing and a relevant test programs. 
This flow meter provides long-term no-drift measurements and sorts the operating software to adjust parameters according to changing conditions.

•  Compact design, and easy to install.
•  Weather-proof robust housing material makes it corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, and freeze resistant.
•  Designed to be user friendly, easy to operate. Users can finish installations within just a few minutes.
•  Suitable for measurement in many different working conditions.
•  Passed our test of 50000 hours continuous work without any fault.
Selection of parameter:
Model Transmitter
LRF-3000S Ultrasonic flowmeter
Wall mount
Flow range:±0.09ft/s ~ ±39ft/s (±0.03m/s ~ ±12m/s)
Accuracy :±1% of the measure value
Repeatability:0.2% of the measure value
Display:240*128 backlit LCD
Power supply: 10 ~ 36VDC or 10~240V
Transmitter enclosure: IP65, ABS (Temperature: -20℃~50℃)
Output: OCT pulse output 0-10KHz, Relay output, 4-20mA optional
Communication: RS485/RS232, Modbus Protocol
Code Output
1 OCT,Relay,RS232/RS485,4-20mA(Flow meter)
2 OCT,Relay,RS232/RS485,4-20mA,RTD(Heat meter)
Code Transducer
TT05 plug-in, IP68. Operating temperature:
-40 ℉ ~ +176 ℉(-40℃ ~ +80 ℃)(Standard)
plug-in, IP68. Operating temperature:
-40 ℉ ~ +266℉(-40℃ ~ +130 ℃)(High Temp)
XXX Transducer cable length
030 Standard length 30ft (9m)
XXX Max length to 1000ft (300m)
Code Temperature sensor
PT1000 Pt1000 temperature sensor+RTD module(selectable)
Code Memory
SD SD card(32G)+ SD card module(selectable)

flowmeteraccessoriessizeinstallation diagramOEM



Performance specification
Flow range 0 ~ ±12m /s (0~ 40ft /s)
Accuracy 1.0% of measured value
Repeatability 0.2%
Pipe Size DN100mm ~DN1200mm
Function Specification
Outputs Analog output: 4~20mA, max load 750Ω.
Pulse output: 0~10KHz
Power Supply 10 ~ 36VDC or 10~240V
Keypad 16 keys(4X4) touch keys
Display 240*128, 4-line LCD display
Temperature Transmitter: -14℉~140℉(-20℃~60℃)
Transducer:-40℉~176℉(-40℃~80℃,TT01  ,Standard)
Transducer:-40℉~266℉(-40℃~130℃,TT03  ,High Temp)
Physical specification
Transmitter PC/ABS, IP65
Transducer Real 304 stainless steel material, patented aviation plug design
Protection grade IP68, can work under water
Standard/maximum cable length:30ft/1000ft(9m/300m)
packaging 20*22*23.5cm, 3.0kg